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Joliesse is a unique place in the heart of the old city of Gdańsk, where in an atmosphere of peace, peace and relaxation you can find time only for yourself and enjoy the pleasures that our treatments bring.

We have created a place for you that allows you to stop the pace of everyday day for a moment, experience complete relaxation and rest, as well as restore physical fitness.

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We believe that the source of our health and beauty is to achieve harmony between body and mind. In accordance with this philosophy, we make sure that all Joliesse treatments are ritual-like, which will take care not only of the body, but also of the state of mind and mind.

At Joliesse hair & spa, we have 3 massage rooms, 2 beauty salons, pedicure, 2 manicure and 4 hairdresser's. Our SPA is an ideal place to organize a SPA day with a group of friends as well as with a loved one, where we have a double SPA room for two.