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Our hairdressing salon in Gdansk

Our goal? We want our hairdressing salon to be a place where customers and customers will feel at ease and comfort. Comfortable armchair, coffee, tea, smiling team that does their job with passion will let you relax for a moment.

It is worth emphasizing here that our hairdressing salon is located in Gdańsk on Grobla II 12 / 14C. The convenient location means that you can quickly reach us from various parts of the city.


A well-chosen hair color is a priority. The right coloring can change your image, highlight the type of beauty or conceal possible shortcomings, for example gray hair.

Our hairdressers will choose the color and fully professional way to make the hair coloring. We offer ombre, sombre, baleylage, reflections, highlights and other types of coloring. Depending on your preferences, we can get a very fancy hair color, for example purple or pink, as well as natural and delicate color. We are still following industry trends and using the best cosmetics that will make your hair beautiful and nourished.

Women's haircut

Our hairdressing salon offers a women's haircut. Our team of specialists will choose a hairstyle for the shape of the woman's face as well as for the construction and density of the hair. We will make sure that even thin and weak hair look great and fit well after each wash. Thanks to this, each of the ladies will feel great.

Men's haircut

Men's haircut is another of the services offered by our hair salon. We will make sure that every gentleman looks elegant and feel good in his hairstyle. We mask any bends and gray hair, we make cuts, thanks to which the hair will optically increase its volume and will always be well arranged. We are always looking for the best solutions in a given case.

Styling, wedding hairstyles

An important ceremony awaits you? Welcome! Upięcia, braids, curls, coco straightening and hair extensions are our specialty. We will choose and make for you the perfect hairstyle for the veil, modest and romantic fastening for the family celebration, as well as a more magnificent hairstyle for a crazy party.

We perfectly know that every hairstyle must not only match the woman's stylization and personality, but also look good throughout the ceremony. Therefore, we focus on making our hairstyles permanent.


Care treatments? Hair repair? In our hairdressing salon in Gdansk we will also take care of the condition of your hair. The offers of such treatments are always prepared individually, depending on the needs we can offer moisturizing, rebuilding and regenerating the hair structure. Nourished and well-groomed hair will look great and will emphasize the beauty of every woman.

Hairdressers Gdańsk, Tri-City

Do you dream about a real metamorphosis, or maybe you want to bet on a natural, delicate look? Did you get bored with your current hairstyle and need a change? And maybe until now hairdressers' salons in Gdansk have failed you and you dream about the fact that your hair will be taken care of by real specialists? We guarantee that at JOLIESSE HAIR & SPA we will be up to the task.

Choosing hairstyles, cutting and coloring is our specialty, every day we make sure that our work meets the highest standards, and the price of each service was attractive. Welcome!

We have collected a lot of positive feedback from our clients. This proves that JOLIESSE HAIR & SPA is a hairdresser in Gdańsk, which deserves a place among the best plants.

Do you want to get detailed information? Call us! We will be happy to help you!

A good hairdresser in Gdansk? Hairdressing salon JOLIESSE HAIR & SPA invites you!

Price list


Service Short Medium Long
Clipping hair 30 zł 50 zł 60 zł
Cover up gray hair From 50 zł *
Patterns From 15 zł *


Service Short Medium Long
Clipping + modeling hair 70 zł 80 zł  100zł
Combing hair 50 zł 60 zł 70 zł
Combing extend hair   90 zł 100 zł
Fringe 10 zł 
Service Price
Clipping children under 6 From 30 zł *
Curling From 90 zł *
Colouring From 120 zł *
Toning colouring From 40 zł *
Reflection From 150 zł *
Colour with reflection From 160 zł *
Decolourising From 100 zł *
Keratin straightening 300 zł
Hair pin-up From 120 zł *
Wedding hairstyle (150zł + 100zł trial)
Permanent wave From 140 zł *
Hair extensions From 1000 zł *
Braids 800 zł

Kérastase ritual (+cost of clipping or modeling hair):

Service Price
Basic 40 zł
Intensive 90 zł
Luxurious 150 zł

OLAPLEX (+cost of clipping or modeling hair):

Service Price
Basic 40 zł
Intensive 150 zł
Addition to colouring/highlighting 70 zł

BOTOX (+cost of clipping or modeling hair )

Service Price
Intensive 150 zł

To each service haircut or modeling costs are added.

* Depending on the length and thickness of the hair, in the case of a service in which the minimum price is given, it may increase adequately to the products we used during the procedure.