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Recommended JOLIESSE Beauty Salon invites you to the KERASTASE CARE treatment - hair regeneration and care

Kerastase care is used to regenerate and care for all hair types:
- dry and sensitive, they shine, and the inside of the hair is nourished and moisturized,
- rare, weakened gain elasticity and are intensively strengthened from the inside,
-colored, matte gain a healthy glow and become more resistant to damage

A special product with carefully selected ingredients is selected for each problem.
Initially, the specialist checks the condition of the hair and scalp, in order to select individualized care, one hundred percent hitting the problem with which we come. Then, when applying the product to the scalp, a gentle massage is performed, which additionally affects our senses, relaxing and relaxing us at the same time.

Perfect for those of women who expect long-lasting effects. After applying the Intensive Action Ritual, you should expect deep nourishment and moisturizing of the hair, which becomes silky, soft and firm to the touch.


Since a while we can deeply protect your hair during color treatments, and OLAPLEX helps us in this.
This is the only product of its kind! Contains no silicones, sulfates, phthalates, DEA, aldehydes and has never been tested on animals.
With the addition of OLAPLEX, the coloring treatment will not have such an aggressive effect on the hair, which further protects hair from the negative effects of highlighting, which is what we are most afraid of. Destroyed hair? Never again!

We love OLAPLEX because:
- rebuilds hair : damaged by chemical treatments, daily styling or improper hair care
- Restores hair strength and healthy appearance
- prepares hair for chemical treatments
It prolongs the color permanence and affects its intensity

- OLAPLEX mini treatment 
- OLAPLEX full treatment 
- OLAPLEX added to colouring/highlighting 


Its purpose is to rebuild and regenerate damaged hair from bottom to end.
Botox contains collagen, vitamin E, provitamin B5 and caviar extract.
We love new products, and even more so if they give an amazing effect in rebuilding hair.

Price list


Service Short Medium Long
Clipping hair 30 zł 50 zł 60 zł
Cover up gray hair From 50 zł *
Patterns From 15 zł *


Service Short Medium Long
Clipping + modeling hair 70 zł 80 zł  100zł
Combing hair 50 zł 60 zł 70 zł
Combing extend hair   90 zł 100 zł
Fringe 10 zł 
Service Price
Clipping children under 6 From 30 zł *
Curling From 90 zł *
Colouring From 120 zł *
Toning colouring From 40 zł *
Reflection From 150 zł *
Colour with reflection From 160 zł *
Decolourising From 100 zł *
Keratin straightening 300 zł
Hair pin-up From 120 zł *
Wedding hairstyle (150zł + 100zł trial)
Permanent wave From 140 zł *
Hair extensions From 1000 zł *
Braids 800 zł

Kérastase ritual (+cost of clipping or modeling hair):

Service Price
Basic 40 zł
Intensive 90 zł
Luxurious 150 zł

OLAPLEX (+cost of clipping or modeling hair):

Service Price
Basic 40 zł
Intensive 150 zł
Addition to colouring/highlighting 70 zł

BOTOX (+cost of clipping or modeling hair )

Service Price
Intensive 150 zł

To each service haircut or modeling costs are added.

* Depending on the length and thickness of the hair, in the case of a service in which the minimum price is given, it may increase adequately to the products we used during the procedure.