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Ilustracja Kwiat Ilustracja Kwiat

The best and safest method of long-term makeup.

Our goal is to meet the client's wishes in so that the final result enhanced her natural beauty and corrected the imperfections. 

The perfect solution for replacing the daily morning make-up ritual.

We offer:

  • top line
  • bottom line
  • eyebrown
  • mouth contour
  • mouth contour+ shading
  • mouth

Price list


Service Price
BASIC treatment 200 zł
EXTRA treatment 290 zł
FULL treatment  380 zł

Manual cleaning:

Service Price
Face 260 zł
Back 200 zł
Algue mask for treatment 50 zł


Cavitation peeling:

Service Price
Face + neck + neckline 120 zł

Diamond mikrodermabrazis:

Service Price
Face 150 zł
Back 130 zł


Service Price
Almond acid 30% 150 zł
Glycolie acid 35% 150 zł

Facial massage:

Service Price
Face, neck and neckline relaxation massage 100 zł


Service Price
Regulation 20 zł
Eyebrown henna 30 zł
Eyelashes henna 30 zł
Eyebrows and eyelashes henna with regulation 60 zł
Eyelashes lifting+ color + botox + lamination 150 zł


Service Waxing
Legs 120 zł
Back 120 zł
Classical/Brazilian bikini 50/100 zł
Armpits 30 zł
Arms 50 - 70 zł
Mustache 20 zł
Face 60 zł
Calf / Thigh 60 zł

Eyelash extensions:

Service Price
Eyelash extensions 300 zł
Ear piercing 70 zł

Permanent make-up:

Service Price
Top line 400 zł
Bottom line 400 zł
Eyebrown 700 zł
Mouth contour 500 zł
Mouth contour + shading 700 zł
Mouth 800 zł