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Welcome to the hair coloration to Joliesse L'Oreal Expert.

Colouring is much more than a change of hair color. Emphasizes the type of beauty, personality and individual style, adds character, completes the haircut. Individual selection of coloring techniques and the most appropriate product is very important.

INOA – a revolutionary hair color without ammonia and without smell. This dims the hair, lightens up to 3 tones and covers 100% of gray hair. INOA has a wide range of colors and offers up 85 different shades.

Majirel – a coloring permanent from oxidation. Paint, thanks to the content nourishing ingredient selective Ion G + Incell cares about hair over their entire length. The unique combination of pigments is saturated permanent hair color. The result is more resistant, reinforced hair, combined with intense color from root to the ends. Colouring Majirel guarantees for 100% coverage of gray hair.

Dia Light – is specifically formulated for maximum shine and condition on coloured hair. Dia Light – Luminous reflects with vinyl shine. Ideal for coloured/sensitised hair.

Luo Color – Permanent colour. Lightens up to 2 1/2 to 3 levels with up to 70% coverage of white hair. Luo gives fresh multi-dimensional, translucent colour with nutri-shine technology and grape seed oil. 


Are you a natural brunette, and you want in a short time become a blonde?
What does it involve?
First of all - time - we need time to remove the pigment from the hair, to do discoloration treatment.
Reducing discoloratments allow discoloration very dark hair on a lighter color. This procedure consists taking of previously color, through deliverance from artificial hair pigments.

Price list


Service Short Medium Long
Clipping hair 30 zł 45 zł 55 zł
Cover up gray hair From 50 zł
Patterns From 15 zł


Service Short Medium Long
Clipping + modeling hair 60 zł 70 zł 80 zł
Combing hair 45 zł 55 zł 65 zł
Combing extend hair   80 zł 90 zł
Fringe From 15 zł
Service Price
Clipping children under 6 From 30 zł
Colouring From 70 zł
Colouring From 120 zł
Toning colouring From 40 zł
Reflection From 120 zł
Colour with reflection From 160 zł
Dekoloryzacja/Demakijaż From 90 zł
Keratin straightening 300 zł
Hair pin-up From 80 zł
Wedding hairstyle (150zł + 100zł trial)
Permanent wave From 120 zł
Hair extensions From 1000 zł
Braids 800 zł

Kérastase ritual (+cost of modeling hair):

Service Price
Basic 30 zł
Intensive 70 zł
Luxurious 100 - 150 zł

OLAPLEX (+cost of modeling hair):

Service Price
Basic 40 zł
Intensive 150 zł
Addition to colouring/highlighting 70 zł