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The classic massage deeply works on the muscle tissue as well as on the joints to release tension from deep within. With a wide and varied range of techniques, this treatment activates blood and lymphatic circulation bringing oxygen to the body all the while promoting the elimination of toxins. This massage is sure to leave you feeling deeply relaxed.


A full body oil massage combined with hot stone therapy is perfect for achieving mental wellness. The massage is performed using genuine lava rock stones collected from rivers around volcanoes in South America. The stones are heated in water and, after a deeply warming and relaxing massage, are placed strategically along pressure points to help melt away tension. Stress, worries and other life exasperations disappear long enough for your mind to relax at its deepest level. The therapeutic massage creates a sense of wellbeing and is recommended to treat insomnia, depression, muscle pain and sports injuries.


The combination of relaxing massage with deep cleansing peeling, which stimulates circulation and removes dead skin cells. As a result, the skin is glowing, refreshed and soft. The treatment promotes the absorption of active substances from cosmetics, which will be used during the massage. The skin is smooth, toned and moisturized. Massage regenerates the skin, evens out skin tone, leaving it silky soft and regenerated.


Used in massage Shea Butter is a precious gift of nature. It is extremely wealthy in unsaturated fatty acids, which are a key component of the rejuvenation and moisturizing the skin. Shea butter provides all the essential vitamins A, E and F needed to make the skin look young and smooth, and most importantly, healthy. Its properties protect the skin from wind, cold, harsh sun through the natural solar filter and helps greatly treatment of wounds and burns. It reduces and eliminates stretch marks. It stimulates activity of cells, prevents aging and repairing old, worn and calloused skin.


Coconut oil is described as the healthiest oil on earth. Used to massage supports the skin's natural balance. It softens the skin, preventing drying and desquamation. Prevent wrinkles, sagging skin and spots on the body. Encourages healthy appearance of the skin. It is a natural filter and provides protection to the harmful effects of ultraviolet solar radiation. It is recommended especially for very dry, sensitive skin and with tendency to cracking, even for mature skin, neglected, damaged by the sun. It is irreplaceable in atopic dermatitis (neurodermatitis). Coconut oil has a cooling and calming effect.


Carried out without the use of oil to eliminate pathological changes in the skin and tissues. Acts on the nervous system, which is the main control system in the human body. The massage activates and awakens centripetal messages to the brain leaving you feeling revived and in touch with your body. This massage improves blood circulation resulting in subcutaneous tissues, muscles and organs feeling rejuvenated. This massage is proven to deal with migraine and various circulatory problems. The massage is preformed in two Positions laying on the stomach or in a sitting down position.


Our aromatherapy massage is a combination of classic massage and powerful aromatherapy. We use only 100% pure natural essential oils extracted from healing plants and herbs. Gentle yet powerful strokes and the potent scent of essential oils will caress and stimulate all of your senses. This massage eases tension, relieves stress, all the while calming your nervous system and allowing your mind to unwind.


Stimulating, refreshing and revitalizing whole body massage with raspberry oil, preceded by a delicate peeling. Completed with juicy, raspberry mask.


Deeply moisturizing and nourishing whole body massage with strawberry oil, preceded by a summer peeling. Completed with cooling, strawberry mask.

Price list

Service Price 60min Price 90min
Classic massage 150 zł 200 zł
Aromatherapy massage 150 zł 200 zł
Massage with body scrub   220 zł
Hot stone massage 200 zł 250 zł
Shea butter massage 150 zł 200 zł
Coconut oil massage 150 zł 200 zł
Chocolate massage 150 zł 200 zł
Aroma Candle massage 170 zł 220 zł
Coconut treatment(scrub + massage + mask + algaue face mask)   250zł
Raspberry dream (scrub + massage + mask + algaue face mask)   250zł
Strawberry ritual (scrub + massage + mask + algaue face mask)   250zł
Algaue treatment (scrub + massage + mask + algaue face mask)   300zł
Gold Revival (scrub + massage + mask + gold face mask + feet massage)   350zł
Lomi Lomi massage 250zł 300zł
Back massage 70zł / 30 min
Feet massage 70zł / 30 min
Chinese cupping massage (slimming) 70zł / 30 min
Full body scrub 60zł / 20 min