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Facial treatments offered at our clinic guarantee you care tailored to the needs of your skin. You can choose from many modern treatments performed by experienced cosmetologists. In Joliesse we use cosmetic products of renowned brands: Janssen Cosmetics, Arkana, Organic Series. We offer a microdermabrasion, cavitation peeling, acids, sonophoresis, mesotherapy and many other treatments. If you do not know which treatment to choose - welcome to the consultation. We are happy we choose treatments for your needs, skin type and age.

Eyelash styling 

Facial treatments are only part of our offer, we also deal with styling eyelashes and eyebrows. Our specialists will choose the shape and color of the eyebrows to match your type of beauty and will make your thick, beautiful eyelashes catch the eye from afar. We offer eyebrow henna, eyebrow henna and eyelash extension.

Eyelash lifting 

We introduce eyelash lifting +colour + botox + lamination to our salon, which you ask so often! One Shot Lash Lift is a wonderful, longlasting curly eyelashes which last for 12 weeks. The treatments gives the impression of longer, thicker and darker eyelashes.

Other treatments

Our salon offer also another treatments in part of cosmetology:

  • Hand and foot care - we offer exfoliating, moisturizing and many other treatments.
  • Hybrid and classic manicure, pedicure - well-groomed nails are the business card of every woman
  • Massage, for example chocolate massage or hot stone massage
  • Hair removal of the face, armpits, bikini, hands and back.

Why is worth to visit Joliesse hair & spa?

  • High quality of cosmetics 
  • An experient team with excelent skills
  • Professional service that will ensure that every visit to the salon is a real pleasure.
  • 100% safety and hygiene of each treatment
  • Attractive prices and frequent promotions

Take care of yourself and make an appointment today!

Price list


Service Price
BASIC treatment 200 zł
EXTRA treatment 290 zł
FULL treatment  380 zł

Manual cleaning:

Service Price
Face 260 zł
Back 200 zł
Algue mask for treatment 50 zł


Cavitation peeling:

Service Price
Face + neck + neckline 120 zł

Diamond mikrodermabrazis:

Service Price
Face 150 zł
Back 130 zł


Service Price
Almond acid 30% 150 zł
Glycolie acid 35% 150 zł

Facial massage:

Service Price
Face, neck and neckline relaxation massage 100 zł


Service Price
Regulation 20 zł
Eyebrown henna 30 zł
Eyelashes henna 30 zł
Eyebrows and eyelashes henna with regulation 60 zł
Eyelashes lifting+ color + botox + lamination 150 zł


Service Waxing
Legs 120 zł
Back 120 zł
Classical/Brazilian bikini 50/100 zł
Armpits 30 zł
Arms 50 - 70 zł
Mustache 20 zł
Face 60 zł
Calf / Thigh 60 zł

Eyelash extensions:

Service Price
Eyelash extensions 300 zł
Ear piercing 70 zł

Permanent make-up:

Service Price
Top line 400 zł
Bottom line 400 zł
Eyebrown 700 zł
Mouth contour 500 zł
Mouth contour + shading 700 zł
Mouth 800 zł